Sunday, September 9, 2012

It's DOGGIE BRUNCH time! Woof woof!

I love hanging out with my dawgs and bitches!  We have lots of fun playing with toys, eating delicious food, and pigging out on treats.  YUM!

Solo and I waiting for our guest (and guarding the appetizers)
Today, Solo and I had our first doggie brunch with our friends. We cleaned up our toys and told our catmate, Mooch, that canine company was coming over.  Mooch thanked us for the warning and spent the day at the kitty spa for some rest and relaxation.  Solo and I also hired our mom to bake a few human foods for our friends' parents. We paid mommy in doggie kisses and gave her a big wet nose tip. Iris' and Jun's mothers brought goodies too.  Our parents definitely liked the human food. I tried to catch every falling crumble of delicious goodness but I was not very successful. I did sniff Iris munching on a few crumbles of scones.  Go Iris, go Iris!

Wet Noses Organic Dog Treats are pawstively great!
I wanted to serve some tasty snacks at my first doggie brunch.  I did not want any of my friends going home empty pawed.  We had cooked ground chicken and blueberry pancake cookies on the menu.  Even our friend Jun brought over hard boiled eggs and peanut butter treats for us to munch on too.  The eggs and chicken were a huge hit. Every tail was wagging frantically when the words "chicken" or "eggs" were spoken by our parents.

Everyone also enjoyed Wet Noses' Blueberry Pancake Cookies.  The cookies were soft enough to break apart but were crunchy went eaten. My cousin Obi is too small for a big pancake.  He is only 10 weeks old.  Don't let his young age fool you, he can roll with the big dawgs anyday. His mom broke off a piece of pancake for him to eat. I helped Obi by eating the other half of this pancake.  That's what a good canine cousin is here for, right?  Everyone was impressed with the Wet Noses' line of Dogg Candy treats.  I cannot wait to try out Wet Noses' Butternut Squash Swirls during my next doggie brunch.

Obi looks satisfied after the pancake.
We were all tired after a few hours of playing, chasing, and eating. We probably did more eating then playing but that is what we do for brunch, EAT!  Woof woof!

(Left to Right) Clyde, Iris, Chewy, Solo, and Obi
Thank you to Clyde, Iris, Jun, and Obi for bringing all of the wonderful snacks.  We cannot wait for our next doggie brunch.  Until then, keep your eyes peeled for Solo and Jun riding by in my Fuzzuki motocycle. Keep wandering!

Solo and Jun, sitting in a tree...

Who were we wearing?
Solo and I wore "Spoiled" dachshund length t-shirts by Happy Go Lucky. I accessorized with a black Harley-Davidson leather spiked collar and Solo wore a red spiked leather collar.  Iris wore a shirring dog t-shirt and Jun wore an aloha dress, both by Pupumer.  Obi modeled Jun's purple choke-free harness while Clyde accessorized with an Up Country collar.

What were we driving?
Mom purchased by motorcycle pet bed from Collections Etc.

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  1. Jun purchased her no-choke/choke-free harness from Sassy Pup,

    Thanks Jun for the link! Woof!