Saturday, September 15, 2012

Bark in the Park was a big WOOFTACULAR event!

Bark in the Park is an annual dog event held at William Street Park in San Jose, CA.  This was my fourth time at Bark in the Park.  I love the vendors and friendly butts to sniff. They keep me coming back for more, woof!

We met a huge dog named Zeus
Dogs, of all colors and sizes, showed their support for the Naglee Park Campus Community Association (CCA) and local Pet Charities. The CCA hosted the event and asked for a $5 donation, per dog, when you register for the event.

I saw my stroller's doppelganger
Cool doggie decks by Lincoln Builders!
When we arrived, we parked at the Olinder Elementary School parking lot.  The school asked for a $10 donation to park. Mom likes donating money to the elementary school so we park at the school every year.

strollin' over the bridge
The parking lot is not far from the event.  It took us 5 minutes to walk from the car, over the bridge, and into the park.  I like riding in the stroller over the bridge.  It is really bumpy and makes my bark shake.  BOL!

Frankeweenie! We hope there is an outdoor screening.
Once at the park, mom filled out a registration card. We walked into the registration tent, paid our $10 donation on behalf of Solo and I, and received our yellow tags.  After registration, it was all out shopping, taste testing, and doggie swag!  That is my kind of event.

Jun, Me, Solo, Obi, Bailey, and Daisy
This was Solo, Obi, and Bailey's first time at Bark in the Park. They really enjoyed the head pats, chin scratches, and treats. But they did not enjoy the free nail clippings by VCA. Bailey said, "Nope, not doing it. " Every other tail in my group was hesitant so I went first.  The person cutting my nails was very nice and gentle.  Solo and Obi followed. Daisy was the last in our group to trim her nails. Daisy was a pro and did not move during the clipping. I am used to nail grindings so the clipping sound was a little weird. Solo and Obi were very squirmy and took the longest. We did not hate the experience. However, we would have passed on the free nail clipping opportunity if our parents were not with us.

We love Okashi, and Joanne!
In retrospect, I had a howling of a good time at Bark in the Park. My friends and I were there for 2 1/2 hours! That lots of time to eat treats and try on clothes and accessories! Mom bought a pair of Star Wars collar and leash sets from Gussied Up Dog Boutique. Solo and I are going to look furtastic in those accessories.  Mom also bought a bag of Zukes Lil' Links in Chicken and Apple from the An Jan booth.  This is a new product. Solo and I really enjoyed the taste and texture of the links. MMMMM! We also received lots of dog food samples, treats, and souvenirs from the additional booths. Woof woof! I cannot wait until next year.  I might just stay there the entire day.

Keep wandering...
Who are we wearing? Solo and I are accessorizing with Buddy Belts in Dogzilla and Lagoon. Our Hawaiian collar shirts were purchased from Collections Etc.

How do we roll? We strolled around the park in our camo PetZip stroller.

To see more pictures from this event visit my Facebook page.

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