Sunday, September 30, 2012

Doggie socials makes doggies social.

I have been cruising the streets of California since I was 8 weeks old. I love treats, outfits, and canine accessories.  I also have a partying spirit.  I frequently attend social gatherings to mix and mingle with other canines in my area.

Me at my first doggie social!
I am a socialite at heart. I love to go out and hang with my dawgs! I contribute my friendly socialized persona to my months of interaction with my doggie social group. I go out to shop and eat but I like the diversity of interactions that takes place during our doggie social gatherings.

photo by Banares Media
On a monthly basis, I attend events organized by a local doggie social group, South Bay Yorkshire Terrier Meetup. We meetup every month at a local dog park. We get to run around and play with our friends while our parents share stories.  We also meet new friends at the park. This keeps us busy smelling new butts while interacting with new and old friends.

February 2011 - Dog park meetup
My brother Solo was very scared the first time he visited the dog park. It can be a overwhelming place for any dog regardless if he/she is full grown or a small puppy.  Even I was scared when I first entered the dog park.

photo by Ray
Solo has visited the dog park four times so far.  He is still a little timid when dogs approach but he is running around and sniffing the grass like a pro. Solo and I have met a wide variety of dog breeds and interacted with various canine temperaments. We would not have such diverse interactions if it were not for our visits to the dog park.

2011 December Meetup - Santa Paws Santana Row
Every once in a while the group will celebrate special occasions such as birthdays and Howloween.  I celebrated my 28th birthday with the meetup group.  I had so much fun and was very happy that all of my friends could attend and eat doggie cake.

October 2011 - Clyde (warlock), Jun (army soldier), me (doctor)
Howloween is a fun time to dress up too.  Each October, we celebrate Howloween and a few birthdays during the holiday season. This year my brother Solo will be celebrating his birthday, along with my friends Clyde and Jun, during our Howloween Birthday Bash.  Mom, Solo, and I will be dressed up as clowns too. It is going to be a blast, WOOF WOOF!

Lots of skeletons, bees, and lady bugs costumes in 2011
Urban Walk and Shop - San Jose Japantown & Biscuits Dog Boutique
My brother and I are currently organizing Urban Walk and Shop events for the group.  This gives us a little bit of exercise while our parents visit local dog-centric businesses.  It think the walks and store visits give us an opportunity to learn additional doggie social skills.

We learn how to interact with humans and dogs on the street.  The stop, sniff, and walk technique is my routine.  Second, we learn to hold our pee.  I am not allowed to lift my leg and pee in the store.  I sometimes cannot help myself when I am sniffing around my favorite haunts.  I tell mom it is my way of saying, "Chewy was here" but she does not believe me. Lastly, you learn how to sit and stay at the cash register. The last skill is very important because you get treats from the store if you accomplish the skill. I also wink or give puppy dog eyes while sitting and staying.  I usually get an additional treat for it. Lick, lick, woof!

running around Biscuits
Solo and I hope to meet more humans and animals in the future. We love being canine socialites.  It is a tough job but some dog has to do it.

Keep wandering.

Who took these pawsome photos?
The puparazzi is responsible for the pictures used in this post.  The following are known members of the puparrazi: Banares Media, Ray, Mike, Marlene, Esther, mommy, and many many more to be identified.  Thanks puparazzi! You all take great pictures, woof!

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