Saturday, July 26, 2014

Carmel is a doggie-dog wonderland!

We love visiting Carmel!
Carmel is a doggie-dog wonderland! Solo and I had a great time sniffing around Carmel with our South Bay Yorkshire Terrier group. This is our group's second trip to Carmel and we plan to make this an annual event. Woof woof!

Solo, me, and Nellie waiting for our breakfast
9:00 AM - We love to start the day off with a yummy breakfast with our furiends at a great dog friendly brunch spot in Carmel. Village Corner Bistro is a small restaurant with a spacious dog friendly patio in the heart of Carmel. The patio had a fire pit and a few heat lamps to keep us warm. We ate hard-boiled eggs and mixed it in with our kibble and treats. It was a furtastic way to start off our visit to Carmel.

located in Carmel Plaza
11:00 AM - We met up with other members of our Yorkie group at the Fountain of Woof. The Fountain of Woof is located in Carmel Plaza. I have visited this fountain many times in the past and never get tired of posing in front of this dog-centric landmark. My furiends loved posing for pictures and sniffing butts around the fountain too.

my yorkie posie
socializing with my furiends is pawesome
12:30 AM - After a long walk down Ocean Avenue we sniffed around Carmel Beach. This beach is dog friendly. We saw lots of big and small dogs playing in the sand and swimming in the water.

We love sitting in the sand.

There is a small outlook over the beach too. We could see the entire beach from this spot and we decided to put our paws up in our strollers and take in the view with our furiends.

the view is furtastic
Jun, Solo, me, Bullet and Rio loved this chillin spot
We found lots of furbulous courtyards and met lots of new furiends during our walk up and down Ocean Avenue. You can read more about my favorite hidden courtyard in my posts Carmel, first paw and Carmel, second paw.

The puparrazi was in full force during our trip to Carmel too. No matter where we walked or sniffed they always seemed to find us. Thanks uncle Howard, auntie Charmaine, and uncle Ray for always following us around with your cameras.


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1:00 PM - Diggidy Dog is a must-stop-shop for any canine visiting Carmel. Manager Robert and his wooftastic staff helped us find every item on our wish list while showering each of us with head scratches and samples of food.

in front of Diggidy Dog
Rio, Solo, and I shopping for new outfits
2:00PM - We finished up our trip with a pawesome lunch at Forge in the Forest. We sat in the Dog Pound patio and ordered off the dog menu. Solo and I ordered and shared The Quarter Hounder. It was de'lick'cious! Woof woof!

Forge in the Forest Dog Menu
4:00 PM - Our trip came to a close and my furiends and I all headed home. We loved sniffing around Carmel, hanging with our Yorkie homies, and eatting at dog friendly restaurants.

Until our next trip to Carmel... keep wandering!

Who were we wearing and how do we roll? Solo and I wore Diggidy Dog tank-tops with our Puppia harnesses and strolled around =in our camo PetZip stroller.

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